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Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's May Already!

It's hard to tell but they ARE two different cowls. The one on the left was done with grey Woolease. The one on the right was Homespun Tudor. These just whip up so fast and are so cute and you don't need to worry about sizing.

Here are two round washcloths I recently made in a beautiful color combination. I sure hope someday I can find another really big skein of this since I like having washcloths in this color!

And finally, the one in the center is of the State of California with a CA in it. An interesting knit. I found a website with free patterns for all the states so I am now doing NH. The NH is for me. The CA is for Matt.

Until later, after I return from vacation on the 15th, I hope to have more pictures and maybe something else to show. Who knows!

Happy Crafting!


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