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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cowl Obsession

I found a really easy knit/purl pattern for a cowl and have become obsessed with making them. This one was done with Homespun and is by far my favorite pattern and cowl that I've made. I was wearing it all the time until the weather got hot again. Ugh. Anyway I also made one in a berry color with Vanna's Choice but I made that one too big because of the difference in the texture of the yarn and so I may not wear that again and just consider it an experiment.

For a swap someone sent me a crochet cowl that I *LOVE* and so I thought I would go looking for a crochet pattern. I'm working on a really simple one now that's just single crochet one row and double crochet the next and then you join the short sides with a slip stitch. I'm doing it in grey Wool-Ease yarn. I had to change the pattern because I couldn't quite figure out what they meant about "short side" so I am making it such that I have the width and am working up to make the height. I also thought that would look better in terms of the pattern. When I finish it I will post a picture.

Yes, another fast and fun project to add to my collection of things to make!


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