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Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Very Long Project

OK this is probably one of the longest projects I have worked on in quite some time. Of course since it was for me it was on my low priority list. I remember I was working on it when my brother came to see me in October. I finished it in January. It's a crochet bag. The picture isn't the greatest but it'll give you an idea. It's pretty tall. And although it may not have been intended, when I went from the round bottom to starting up the sides, it created little "feet" which make it cute. The biggest challenge was making the long ties. But I finally managed to do that. It's something that probably requires two people because you're supposed to twist these long strands. I solved the problem by using the knob on top of my lamp that holds the shade on. Whatever works, right?

This pattern came out of "Crochet Patterns for Dummies". See, I had made a really small crochet bag a long time ago for someone and I thought this would be small, too. Didn't look at the number of rows. Boy, let me tell you this was a lot of work. But worth it. And in case you're wondering and even if you aren't, yes, it took a lot of yarn. I don't want to offend anyone but I thought if I was going to be USING this, I wanted it to be sturdy. So I bought a one pound skein of worsted weight and it's perfect. It makes a good project bag!

I just remembered to take a picture to post which is why it's a few months late.

Would I make another one? Only if I had a lot of time to kill and no deadline. This is not a project to do on a deadline.

But it sure is pretty. And useful!


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