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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matt's Pictures & An Update

Well it seems I can't find the pictures of the green hat I made Matt (same pattern as the blue one on the left) nor the washcloth I made him or his dad. Gee. Anyway, the hat on the left will hopefully find a lot of usage.
The wrapped thing on the right is a crochet washcloth in white with red and green spots here and there. I wrapped up a bottle of shower gel and tied it with ribbon before putting them in snowman covered plastic bags. These were for the ladies at work. I made something in a different color for Ally's stocking.
Here's the update: I am making a spiral rib hat which I should finish in one sitting. I am on vacation this week and haven't really felt like doing much but watching movies, doing errands and sleeping in. Tomorrow I have nothing I really have to do so I am hoping to finish the hat AND the washcloth I have on the needles. Perhaps I will make a few coffee cozies. I still have yarn left to use from Ally's projects. Oh and mine! I made myself a spiral rib hat. I will take a picture and post it because it's adorable in multi-color yarn.
Now I am not a yarn snob but some people think if you don't use an expensive yarn it isn't a very good product. Well for kids using wool is dumb. It will get wet. It will shrink. It will stink. So I use acrylic. For the hats and scarves of late I have been using things like Vanna's Choice and the Deborah Norville yarn. It's soft, pretty, affordable and EASY CARE. I still have wool but since I can't do felting anymore and have lost the urge to make felted bowls, I am more interested in making washcloths with 100% cotton (which everyone loves, including me!) and hats and scarves that will last and be easy to take care of since it's so easy to ruin a nice handmade project sometimes.
I hope to sit down tomorrow and start my craft planning list for next year. I need to do something for a baby which means digging for a pattern for a baby hat and I also need to make something for a birthday. I know what color... Pattern is the problem. Been thinking about it and just want to make something pretty. I had toyed with the idea of a washcloth with her first initial in it but I am thinking a nice lacy washcloth pattern will be nice for her. She's a gentle young lady. I'll remember to take a picture this time. :)
Until later... knit and crochet, rant, be crafty, count your blessings, love your family, cherish your friends and remember that there is love in every thing we make, or at least there should be. Strive to put love in every single thing you do. Always.


  • At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well, you've been a busdy little knitter, have'nt you!! (Brooke)


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