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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tonight I will finally be with Ally after almost a year. It is way, way too long! Tomorrow morning when Matt wakes up on his birthday, Grammy will be there. As long as I am alive and healthy, that's how I want him AND me to start every December 24th.

I will finally be able to post pictures when I come back from my visit. All these secret things that I have had lots of fun making but can't share yet. I am attempting to find projects do to for next year that challenge me. But here's the challenge I have chosen for myself. I have asked my co-workers for their favorite color. For their birthday I will make a custom washcloth in their favorite color in a pattern or with an embedded pattern that fits the person and personality. I am going to have to hurry. First one is due at the end of January. She just got engaged and although she is not going to get married for a couple of years and is a young student, it's going to be a challenge.

The very first thing I need to do when I get back is find my pattern for a baby hat and maybe booties. Someone I know is having a baby girl at the end of January, too. I could probably use the bootie pattern from one of my knitting books except that despite everything my books are still in the storage unit. I have left David a note asking if we can go get them when I get back. We'll see.

May everyone continue to count their blessings (our crafty talent is a WONDERFUL blessing!) and I hope that everyone is able to spend their Christmas with those they love. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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