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Friday, April 18, 2008

SFS Green Beanie

I finished the second beanie for SFS (Socks for Soldiers). Once I get the band done for it (need to remember to do that so Kim doesn't have to!) then I can put it with the second washcloth in the mail.
This pattern has inspired me to make one for "Dad" for his birthday. Don't know if I can get it done by next week or not. I haven't felt much like knitting. But I will try.
I will also cast on for another of the rib hats even though I told my friend Vicky to shoot me if I ever decided to do that again. Why, then, am I going to make another one? In the end they are not only cute but if I can work on two hats in two patterns at the same time, when I get tired of the straight knitting on Georgia's pattern (which makes the lovely hat above!) then I can do a few rows on the ribbed hat. We'll see. I am more ambitious in the morning than at night lately.


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