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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Picture and A Boast

OK, here's a picture. I am mostly done with a doily that I promised to Jo. I ran out of thread. It is on order. I hope it arrives this week so I can finish it. Makes this one look tiny. Anyway, this pattern is called "Crystal Fan" and I used "Mexicana" which is bright primary colors. I know it's not a close up picture but you'll get the general idea. (If you click on the picture, you'll see the big thing up close and can see the pattern more closely.) I didn't want Jo to have to wait and since it's being gifted, I wanted to make sure she at least had *something* to gift. I admit I am proud of this but that is not the boast.

Here's the boast... Yesterday Linda and Roni started me with my first sock. As I said, I really screwed it up. I took a good look at it and wanted to cry. It appeared the only thing I could do was rip it out. Vicky agreed.

I came home from work, opened a diet Coke and resisted the urge to cry. Instead, I ripped it out totally. I cast on again, putting them on individual needles as I went, managed to join them in the round and am working on the 1.5 inches of ribbing. The stitches are so tiny! I can't imagine using the size 2 I purchased. I am using size 3. I will have to make an entire pair or two on the 3's before I dare to try the 2's. Just too darn small!

I am proud of myself. I had the courage to rip; the courage to start over; the courage to not give up when it would have been so easy. So if I have the courage to do that once, if I have to do it again, I can. Granted, I am not working on it as much as I should but I have one other project I really need to get done within the next week and a half. OK, OK, I haven't worked on that yet tonight... too busy re-starting the sock. I am using the Stargazer Lily beautiful pink/yello sock yarn that Kaylee sent me (thanks Kaylee!) and so far I am figuring out how to maneuver around those DDPNs. I try not to remember that this is the easiest part. :)

When I get the entire 1.5 inches of ribbing done and start on the next section (I haven't read past the ribbing yet! Don't want to get even more intimidated than I already am!), I will take a picture to post. In the meantime take heart Linda and Roni... I'm still at it! And Brooke, I want to see that gorgeous pink sock you were working on! That is more my size needle! Where'd you find the pattern?

I will finish a sock even though I will be kicking, screaming, crying and nay-saying the entire way. Yes, Roni, I know... practice and patience. Well, even doing the wrong stuff and having to rip it out gave me the practice to cast on and knit the tiny stitches again. No, Brooke, I am NOT converted... y'all from the KC know that I hate learning new things and going out of my comfort zone and yet again you have dragged me there. Have I said thank you yet? Thank you. No wonder I love you all!


  • At 8:11 PM, Blogger k said…

    I ripped my first sock out- a lot. In fact, socks taught me how to tink back stitches and fix mistakes. And I think I started my sock a couple of times just to get the hang of it. It does get easier with practice but it can be frustrating. Trust the pattern.

    Sport weight socks use larger needles and knit up pretty quickly- if you ever decide to try another pair after this one! :)

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger k said…

    ooooh and the doily is beautiful!! I've never seen a multicolored one before. Amazing!

  • At 2:01 PM, Blogger Old Knitter said…

    I am sooooooo proud of you for ripping it out and starting all over again . . . it's a hard thing to do . . . especially after you have spent so much time on it to begin with . . . BTW . . . I love love love the doily . . . you do good girl!!!!!


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