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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Fling!

OK, here it is! The Spring Fling purse! I knit this with Cascade "The Heathers" in what looks like bubblegum pink before felting (maybe even after depending) and Fizz (Crystal Palace) that is red and black and blue. Anyway, the picture at the left shows it stuffed with plastic bags to give it the shape. It is now dry. The only thing I would change is the handles are kinda short... I would make bigger ones. Since they were attached prior to felting, per instructions, I am not sure sure I want to make new handles and try to attach them now. So I will leave it as it. Well, with one exception. But first, here is a closer look at the buttons.

And now here's the thing I decided... I wanted pockets on the inside. One for my cell phone and one for my keys. So I knit them up and now just have to sew them inside, probably with yarn as that will be sturdier. Here's what they look like knitted up and felted.

I so love the purse that I am now going to make a felted hat to match. This will have a flat brim, a contrasting band and will look like a fedora. Same pattern as the basic hat I made (see previously posted picture) except for the brim and stripe. I have no idea how long that will take to make. I will post a picture or two when it's done.


  • At 4:24 PM, Anonymous brooke said…

    Very nice work! and spring-timey too. I love it!! Nice touch - the pockets! Smart girl to think of that.


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