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Friday, March 02, 2007

Recent Events

OK, for those of you who got the email from me about dancing, at the left are the slippers and cap. The slippers on the left are my old "regular" ones and the skull cap (see the other picture in this post) was made with Lamb's Pride wool. The Pebble Rib Slipper Socks below are only partially wool (too lazy to go look at the label) but were interesting to knit.
Now belowis a picture of the aforementioned pink skull cap (can you tell I work for attorneys?) and the purple one was made with yarn sent by Kaitie, the lady who spoiled me for SP9.

Last but certainly by no means least, to the right is a felted bookmark. I found the pattern at which my friend Vicky turned me on to and what a load of great patterns! This knit up in about a half hour, felted in about 8 minutes and was majorly cool. I varied the pattern slightly by making the stripes the same size and adding one extra stripe. It calls for 20 rows but I did 5 stripes of 8 rows each (the pattern is 2 rows) and it turned out just the right length for me. These are so darn easy that I am going to ... well... if you want one, let me know what color you prefer and if you want solid or stripes. I don't guarantee you'll get one but I will then also have idea for other things. :P Oh yeah, it was made with merino wool left over from two other projects. Someday when I'm feeling like I can write about it without laughing all the time, I'll post a picture of the hat that turned into a bowl. It's the same color as the dark stripes in this bookmark.
Sorry... gotta run. I'm off to work on another project or two or three.


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