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Friday, March 30, 2007

My Latest Project

OK I have been knitting furiously to finish this latest project because I need to make sure there's nothing on the needles when I go visit my daughter (I need them for something I want to make her). I still owe pictures of the tiny amount of ribbing I have done on the sock. I'm also finishing up the Reno scarf. I am also still awaiting the call saying the thread has arrived at my LYS to finish the doily. And, I confess, I am feeling the urge to make another doily for myself because while I was searching for my sock needles (which I ended up not using - smaller needles if I ever decide to do this again but first time I needed something bigger until I get used to the small stitches!) I found some colored thread I had purchased for myself and put aside. Well, it's been found. But I will finish the Reno scarf first and work more on the sock. I am going to spend the weekend working on the scarf and sock. That is if I can resist the pull of the thread. Yeah, I know The Yarn Harlot talks about the way of the string but the pull of the thread can be addicting, too, when you like making (and using) doilies. So few people make them these days and they're pretty.

Oh yeah... what have I been working on? This...


  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous brooke said…

    when is your next Matt-trip?? Are you already gone and back again?? I can't keep track of your jet setting little penguin!


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