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Friday, January 26, 2007

Busy Little Swapper

OK, before I get started with the other thing I want to post about, I would like to invite everyone to go visit Michelle's blog. Michelle is the lady I spoiled for SP9. You can find her blog at: She was a lot of fun to spoil and I'm sure we'll be friends for a long time!

And speaking of swaps...

Kaylee, I love you dearly but I also am currently cursing you. What have you done to me?!?! You introduced me to and now I have completed 3 swaps and signed up for another!! The first was very easy. It was a "make a friend" swap where you write a 2-3 page letter and send something small but homemade. I sent a dishcloth, of course. The lady who wrote me sent me a very nice bookmark that she had made with paper and art pictures. The second swap was a dishcloth swap and I just mailed that out today. This time we had 2 "partners" and we had to make 2 different dishcloths, send a pattern and the yarn to make it and something extra. My "extra" was a round row counter. I'll attempt to post the pictures of the two different sets that went out.

My favorite of the 4 I made is the one on the right hand side of the right hand picture. It's called "Feathers and Fans". Majorly cool.

The next swap I signed up for is a "quickie". It starts this coming Monday and you have to have the item sent by Wednesday. It's a "send whatever you want" thing so I am sending each of the 3 people I will get (and I won't know who until Monday!) 4 sheets of stationary and 2 matching envelopes. Not a lot but it's something.

The only thing to watch is that it might be international. I got one international partner and what I sent probably cost a total of about $3.00 and it cost me over $5.00 to send it to England. But the swaps are small and end fast but not too fast to do them. If you think you can't do it in time, you just don't sign up. Or if you sign up and before the sign up period ends you figure out you can't do it, you can drop. And they rate you based on how you complete it. In other words, I will get to rate who sends to me and vice versa. The person running the swap can also set a "minimum" rating and therefore if you're under, you aren't accepted. Since I just started I signed up for ones that allowed a "newbie" to join. And I figure since I've completed my fairly quickly, at least I should get an average rating if nothing else.

So thank you Kaylee for introducing me to because I'm going to be too busy travelling to join anything long-term or expensive.

Go take a look... might be something YOU want to join. Oh yeah, just one word of warning...



  • At 2:48 PM, Blogger k said…

    I'm addicted too... I think I've signed up for three swaps :) Mine is mostly yarn swaps... dyed yarn, a scarf kit and a fiber snob one.

    I love your fan and feathers cloth! All of them are so pretty but the F&F one is amazing!

  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger k said…

    Ok, somehow I signed up for 5 swaps, not 3. (good thing your post reminded me to check in there)

    I also did the knit mit kit swap and have a 'sassy sock yarn' swap coming up, too.

    No more swaps for a while, I think!!


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