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Monday, April 24, 2006


I am pausing for a day or two but no more than a week. For today, no knitting or crocheting or anything crafty. I need to pause to see if I can get motivated to return to the crochet project(s) I have put off lately. And now is a good time since I need to actually be shown how to make the I-Cord for my booga bag and I won't meet up with the group until Sunday. So inbetween maybe I can finish a crochet project or two. I'm feeling really bad about the blanket so I'm hoping today I get motivation to pick that up and finish it. Don't have much of a choice, really, if I want to get it done before the baby comes! So for now, if crafting is like my VCR, I am putting knitting on pause and crafting on play.


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