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Saturday, April 22, 2006


OK, this is a picture of a Booga Bag which is my current project. The difference is, however, mine is one color, a raspberry, with pink fizz. Well, except that I ran out of yarn on row 47 of 64 rows so the top of the bag is just the plain raspberry. Now I have asked my wonderful knitting friends from CHAMPS, Roni, Brooke, Linda and Julie to help me figure out what an I-Cord is and how to make it and to felt it and put it together. If I can do this, then I should have an easier time with the next pattern. And yes, I already have the yarn for that. I've got a couple of other little projects I want to work on, including a pink fun fur scarf for myself (and it'll be skinny, either 13 or 15 stitches... haven't decided yet) and I want to have that done for the Legal Secretaries annual conference. If I can't get to it before then, I'll knit on the way down and there and hopefully have it ready for dinner Saturday night (if I can decide what to wear!). Anyway... currently I am interesting in finishing my first felted bag. Who knows... last year lots of people got fleece tie blankets. If I could buy the yarn in bulk at a reasonable price, I'd make a couple of Christmas presents this year. But at $60 a purse, I'm cutting in other areas to splurge and make two for me. But at least I'll be "in the pink" when I'm done!


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