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Thursday, April 20, 2006

For Linda!

Yo! LB! TMPH here! You know that felted purse we're working on?! Yeah, *that* one! Well madam prez, I found the pattern WITH PICTURES! I will have to get a copy to you somehow. I am getting the pattern for that really cute one Roni and Julie are fond of making and am headed to Heartstrings tomorrow morning to check out their selection. Oh yeah, and to get those dreaded doublepointed needles. Roni says they sometimes have affordable clearance stuff and I am hoping to find something cool. I will let you know. I just couldn't resist posting up a LB for LB! Many hugs, TMPH.


  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Old Knitter said…

    LOVE IT!!!!! The thought of double pointed needles is a little frightening to me . . . hey, I am just getting use to circular needles . . . I can't wait to get the pattern for that purse we have been working on . . . we will have to get a picture of our "felted purses" together . . . a before and after shot . . . LB


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