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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hats & Washcloths

This week I have not done much of any knitting or crocheting. I am exhausted and it is going to get worse. I've been totally wrapped up in trying to buy a house. For the month of March I will be totally absorbed with getting the repairs done in preparation to move in, packing and moving and hopefully settling in. But I have done a few things so here's a picture of the hat I made Kristen, my hairdresser.

I have made a couple of scarflets for private swaps but I've posted pictures of those before. Only difference is this time I added a flower to the end that gets tucked through the slit.
I made a washcloth for a "destashing" swap which actually tured out kinda cool. And found a crochet pattern I really like so I've been making that and having fun.

Here are the pictures:
Right now I have a purple scarflet maybe half done and two washcloths on the needles, one of which is for me and has been sitting doing nothing for over a month. It's more or less my pickup project.
I admit I've been too tired lately to do much except veg and try to breathe. It will get worse before it gets better. So I may have to force myself to do some knitting or crocheting at work on lunchtime instead. We'll see.
While I may not be actually doing too much I am planning things to make. Oh! I haven't taken a picture but I did make one other thing. I took some beautiful raspberry cotton and made myself a hand towel for the bathroom at the new house. Just haven't taken a picture to post. Hopefully I will remember.
Until later, keep crafting. I'll try!


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