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Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's too hot. It's smoky outside from the fires. Can't use the swamp cooler because it brings in air from outside and I just don't like having the house smell like smoke. I forgot and left a window open and it's taken 2 days to get the smell out of the house. So, needless to say, unless I'm at work, David's house or sitting directly in front of a fan blowing on me, crafting is minimal these days. Still, I am managing to work on some things.

I have started a washcloth in my favorite lacy zig zag pattern. It's terribly easy to remember and makes a beautiful washcloth, especially for variegated yarn.

I have also completed 2 repeats of a 10 repeat crochet white baby blanket. No, it doesn't have a baby to go to yet. And no, that isn't a request Ally. I just felt like tackling something bigger and had the yarn and patterns and thought baby blankets are bigger than washcloths, not as complicated as a felted project (although I AM thinking about bookmarks which are small), and so off I went.

I'm also thinking that working on Mom's shawl is a good project. No thinking involved. I am wondering if making the flowers now will help motivate me. And I want to knit her some wrist warmers like the pair I made myself. Just rectangles of ribbing you sew up. I thought between the two (shawl and wrist warmers) it would help her this coming winter. Fuel is so expensive and she likes to be warm and while I can't stand to be at her house in winter because it's always way too warm for me (in the past I have had to sleep with a window open!), she won't be turning up the heat as much this year so anything I can make her to help keep her warm, I'm glad to. She's already got a couple of the fleece tie blankets and she loves those. Now it's time for something warmer. Maybe a scarf, too. Only problem with making her a scarf or hat is that she hates to use them. Things I make for use inside the house will get used.

Anyway, I am going to do errands this morning (what's left of it) now that I've done chores and posted - finally! - and then I will come home and start working on something. Probably the washcloth. I will take the shawl and blanket to David's to work on before and after dinner. I don't get too much done because I spend too much time talking with David and Dad but I do usually manage a couple of rows.

Until next time...

Craft on, be happy, safe, cool, love your family and friends and be kind to those you meet along the way. Can't ask for much more than that.


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