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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crochet Goddess

Of late I have been the crochet goddess. I am making a half dozen washcloths for my friend Kaylee in exchange for a pair of handmade socks. I can't wait!! So I decided I would crochet them. I have already made 3. Each one will be a different color. There will be 3 patterns, 2 in each pattern. So far I have sent her the following:

And so then after finishing these two, I decided on the next pattern and here it was...

So there they are. I like the self striping one. I have a lot of that yarn because I bought a big skein back when Michael's carried the big skeins (boy do I miss those!!). Anyway I will be making more things with that color scheme.

I have finished my mom's Mother's Day present and will devote an entire post to that with pictures. I need to have a few more pictures taken. I have to say that I truly LOVE it. I want to make another in that pattern but will need to use a hook 2 sizes bigger and different yarn (I used baby yarn for the softness). Anyway more on that in another post.

I am now working on a scarflet with a pattern my friend Vicky gave me. Let's see how that goes.


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