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Friday, April 14, 2006

My Favorite Things

Y'know, everybody thinks my absolute favorite thing is penguins because, of course, I am The Mutant Penguin Herself. Well, yes, I like them, but I like other things, too. I love snowmen. Cute pigs or yellow chicks or yellow ducks that have an obvious personality. I'm always happy to show people my favorite ones when they're at my house or office. But this is crafty rantings so let me rant about what I like crafting-wise.

I love the colors raspberry, pink, lilac and royal blue. I like soft yarn that isn't hard to work with but makes a beautiful product. I like easy patterns. I like older patterns. I love doilys - making them, giving them, receiving them. I am especially fond of the rainbow fleece blanket my dear friend (OK... she's like family, more like a sister!) Susan made me last year. That is how I got into making fleece blankets - she kept telling me they were easy to do (they are! Even for me!). I can't wait to make more fun fur or eyelash scarves to give away (or keep!). I can't draw but I love to fabric paint. I love coming up with new ideas on how to do things or decorate. I have this knack for imagining wonderful things to do but not quite sure how to go about doing it. My bedroom is an experiment in how to decorate with a theme.

I love being able to share what skills or knowledge I have about crafting with others and learning new ones from others. Roni and Brooke are going to have their patience tried helping me learn to felt. But the good news my friends is that once I learn, once it's through my thick head, I can do it again and I'll teach someone else.

My favorite things, when it comes to crafting, is getting together with the Knitting Circle as Roni has dubbed us. Being with friends, talking, knitting or crocheting, sharing ideas, eating chocolate chip cookies. It's the 2 hours I live for every 2 weeks. So now I'm excited we'll be doing it this weekend at a new spot and throwing in something new. I hope we can keep this up. The idea that I could get this kind of support and fun and feeling good is definitely a favorite crafty thing.

Oh yeah, in case I haven't mentioned it enough (and I never will!), Brooke, Linda, Julie and Roni have really added more joy to my life by bringing me back to more crafting. They are DEFINITELY at the head of my list of favorites.


  • At 11:40 AM, Blogger Old Knitter said…

    Ah Shucks . . . think you'r pretty "ducky" too . . . I love finding out all the things you like to do . . .


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