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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Current Projects

Before I start, I wanted to share this picture because it's one of my favorites from when I was a child. I call it "Happy" and it's the image on my desktop on my work and home computers. The guy on the left is Dennis, my twin brother. Nobody knows me better. Maybe I should have him read this blog!

I suppose I should talk about my current projects. First, a hello to my knitting group (and CHAMPS buddies) Brooke, Julie, Linda and Roni. You're all wonderful!

I am crocheting a yellow baby blanket for someone at work. It is a new pattern for me and scary and since I'm almost at the edging and petrified, that's why I put it down 3 months ago and haven't worked on it since. I have to get back to that ASAP, however, because the baby is due in June.

The only other crochet projects are an ecru doily that I'm working on at home and a smaller red doily I work on during knitting group sometimes. The knitting group has moved me away from crochet and back to knitting. Not a bad thing, I suppose.

I am making a scarf which will take forever. It's two yarns together, a regular Red Heart lilac color and a soft verigated purply one which is making a soft scarf. It's totally different than I anticipated which is interesting.

With Brooke and Linda for support, I am going to make a felted purse. I have never done this. I read the directions and double pointed needles and so on and I started to cry thinking I can never do this. Y'all are REALLY going to have to help me!

I just recently learned how to use fun fur and eyelash yarn to make fun scarves. I made one for me and a beautiful royal blue one which I mailed to my daughter for Easter.

Long ago and far away I used to do cross stitch but arthritis is making me stay away from things that require that much small motor skill. I also did fabric painting and then, although I can't remember the technical term, it was putting tear away web stuff on fabric and then cross stitching over it to make designs on clothes. Duh! I just can't explain things! I also used to do a bit of sequin art. Anything that requires drawing, however, is definitely out. I can't even do stick people! I can, however, follow most patterns. Maybe there's hope with people showing me how, to finish that felted purse! I sure hope so... it's in my favorite colors - raspberry with sparkly pink yarn.

Today I hope to finish the bottom part of my felted purse (I've done 29 of the 34 rows) and I will work on my purply scarf during lunchtime. It's rainy and gloomy and the perfect day to curl up under one of my homemade fleece blankets (oh yeah! I learned how to do tie blankets this year and am having a blast! I have only one more to make - this one with penguins. I plan to do that this weekend at a CHAMPS meeting) and knit.

Happy crafting!


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