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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vacation Knitting

I started out doing quite a bit of knitting and then not so much as it became clear I was going to have to come back to California. I'm still not sure if this is where I am supposed to be or not but I am knitting to keep my mind and fingers busy.

I finished a scarf while I was there and gave it to my mom. Here's a picture of that which turned out soft even though it was made with a type of synthetic fun fur kinda stuff. You yarn snobs just keep the comments to yourself. :) I can't help it... sometimes it's synthetic soft that grabs ahold of me. hehe

I also made a bunch of washcloths. I made 2 variegated pink ones which I gave to my ex-sister-in-law, also named Lynn, who also loves pink. Here's a closeup picture of the Feather and Fan one except that I used the alternate pattern which does not make ridges and creates one solid section.

BTW, Mom absolutely LOVED her wristwarmers as well as the doily and washcloths. She was really, really happy to have the wristwarmers and wore them a lot. She says they are perfect to use with the fleece tie blanket I made her (also purplish) which was my intent. I do not want her getting cold this winter and ending up in the hospital like last year. So of course I bought some black yarn to make her a pair of black ones for Christmas. I will need to work on those soon before I start my next really big project. Yup, you heard me... a BIG project! I bought yarn to make a black afghan for David's dad for Christmas. He, like my mother, is always cold.

Oh, and for those of you who might not think making washcloths is challenging or that it's boring, let me just say, again, that I am always learning new skills by trying the various patterns. I will have to take a picture to show you the latest one I finished. I learned how to do a RT (right twist) and hopefully the LT (left twist) I am working on now will turn out as well. Really, I am amazed at how much I still have to learn! And how much fun it still is!

Knit and be happy! I promise to knit and I promise to try to be happy.


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